what-is-gay-prideVirtually everyone around the world heard about the historic ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States proclaiming the right to gay marriage. Members of the LGBT community celebrated across the country, both in person and via social media. However, if you are not a member of this community, you may not know much about Gay Pride.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning persons community, shortened to LGBT, has been persecuted around the globe throughout history. Of course, there have been times of more acceptance in certain societies as well as complete oppression during points throughout history in the world. For instance, in the country of Russia, being homosexual was illegal until 1993 and it is still cause for death in some parts of the world.

The freedoms afforded to Americans by the Constitution have given many people more rights than they would have in other countries. Of course, many of these have been fought for by minority groups since the beginning of the country. One of the oppressed groups that has been struggling for rights is the LGBT community.

Gay pride is really about taking pride in oneself and refusing to be oppressed. All people should celebrate who they are instead of feeling as though they need to hide away their true inner self. A rainbow colored flag is displayed by many in the community as well as their supporters.

In the late 1960’s, a gay bar in New York was raided, which led to riots in the city. In reaction, some in the city began the first pride march, which is a tradition that continues today. Cities across the country have pride marches where participants can openly celebrate their sexual freedom.

These marches and other displays of gay pride not only give participants the opportunity to gladly boast of their preferences, it has increased societal acceptance for those who have different beliefs or preferences.

Although the Supreme Court ruling was very helpful to those who identify as homosexual, or even bisexual, many in the LGBT community feel as though the ruling did not go far enough to include anything regarding the transgender community, which is at greatest risk for being targeted for hate crimes.

As time continues to pass and the gay pride movement becomes stronger, it is likely that other laws will be passed to afford these members of society greater protection from oppressors.

2 men eating lunch togetherSan Diego is an incredibly rich and diverse community that offers a wide range of locations where you can enjoy a fun daytime date with your favorite girl or guy. It is interesting to consider the fact that in many parts of the world people who live in a specific city never get around to enjoying the many sights and sounds of their own area. It almost seems that you have to be a tourist to truly appreciate all of the wonderful attractions of a city. However, due to San Diego’s beautiful warm climate and natural beauty I would guess that San Diegans do get out and enjoy their town more than folks in other parts of the US. That being said, here are a few places you may have overlooked that can provide a nice change of pace.

If you live in the city of San Diego, or are visiting, and are about to go on a date then why not take this opportunity to  explore some of the beautiful outdoor attractions in and around the city. For example, there is an awesome speed boat adventure that will take you on a 90 minute tour. This exciting tour will get you up close and personal with some of the more key sights such as Coronado Bridge, the USS Midway, and the US Navy submarine base. doesn’t that sound fun!

After your exciting 90 minutes boat tour you will want to grab a bite to eat. Do not take your date for burgers and fries or pizza because those type of restaurants will always be there. Instead, why not take your date to some of the more exciting lunch restaurants that feature international cuisine. Tantalize your taste buds with tasty foreign treats from Ethiopia, Russia, Morocco, and other faraway countries that are available in the world class independently owned ethnic restaurants that San Diego is famous for.

Next on the agenda? Well, if you and your date both enjoy hitting the links then perhaps you should consider venturing down for a round of 19 holes at the famous Morley Field Disc Golf course. The price for this round of golf is only $4.50, including your rental. At the end of your 18 hole adventure you can relax and compare scores along with an order of biscuits and gravy at the delicious Tobey’s 19th hole café/restaurant.

For dessert you can go to Dallmann Fine Chocolates. This incredible facility operates a hands-on, monthly chocolate making class. You will learn how to pipe, temper, and decorate chocolate. The only thing that you will not learn is how not to consume a pound of chocolate during class. The entire class will receive a box of chocolates as a reward for taking the class. Finally, to end your historic date you should do a dinner and a show at poolside. The Pearl Hotel’s Dive-in Theatre offers food, culture, movies, popcorn, a dip in the pool, and a great conclusion to your special San Diego date.

Here’s a roundup of San Diego’s Hottest restaurants as reported by Zagat’s. What do you think? Did they name any of your favorites, or skip over your #1 spot. With so many great restaurants to choose from this is a tough call.